About Suzy

So, who am I?

I am a grateful soul.

First, I feel lucky because I am culturally rich, growing up in a secular Sephardic Jewish family, in Turkey, which is a secular Moslem country where I studied in a secular Christian British school till the age of seventeen when I moved to Israel.

Then, I feel privileged because life has brought me the experience of quite a few unplanned careers through which I could express myself and be of service to others.

Having graduated from Tel-Aviv University, I first worked as a language teacher (thanks to my background I speak six languages) and then as a decorator for seven years. I was the head of an organization against drugs and violence for six years and I also did a lot of educational voluntary work.
I was lucky because my spiritual quest started when I was 28, as means to overcome my postnatal depression.

My search for tools to reach inner peace led me to study many various practices such as Kabalistic Psychology, TM, Dream Analysis, Voice Therapy, Healing, Reiki, GNM, The Code, EFT, with many gifted teachers such as Byron Katie, Harry Palmer, Marc Gafni, Alan Cohen, Mabel Katz, Brandon Bays, Luke Chan, Eric Pearl.

What started as a search for personal healing, turned into a blessed profession I call “Inner Training”; a combination of the wisdom I have accumulated through attending these various thought schools. Since 95, I feel honored to teach many who are brave enough to allow me to help them help themselves on their path to awareness and self growth. I guide them to balance; the key to inner peace and they create the lives they prefer.

Since 98, I enjoy another unexpected career as an artist (singer, songwriter, composer, and actress) which gives me the privilege of touching people’s souls with my voice, my words, my music. Since 2005, I produce albums under my own label Primary Music.

Since 2010, I own a real estate investments company in North Cyprus; another unplanned but rewarding profession that allows me to put a smile on people’s faces by helping them find their dream houses.

Most of all, I feel grateful because I am the proud mother of two special sons and the life partner of an extraordinary man.

“Inner peace is the key: if you have inner peace, the external problems do not affect your deep sense of peace and tranquility…without this inner peace, no matter how comfortable your life is materially, you may still be worried, disturbed or unhappy because of circumstances.”
Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama




Yes, inner peace is the key to a balanced life. A balanced life is a healthy, sane and happy life. The key to balance is what I call “Inner Training” which brings awareness and growth and therefore success.
Awareness and growth bring choice; the choice to make changes for the better and lead a healthy, sane and happy life.
Being a human being means to have a bee-hive in our minds, limiting beliefs and challenges. I help my students help themselves reach inner peace by teaching them how to silence the bee-hive in our minds, clean our limiting beliefs and overcome our challenges. I empower them to become the captain of the life they choose to create.
Now, you decide if you want to expand your confidence, develop your skills to create what seems impossible, improve your life and enjoy a healthy, sane and happy existence.

With Tenzin Gyatso,
The 14th Dalai Lama
in Dharamsala

Inner Training


Avatar is an awareness and self-development course.

It is a powerful and effective course based on the theory that your beliefs cause you to create or attract situations and events that you experience as your life.

The goal of the three-section course is to guide you in an exploration of your own belief system and to equip you with the tools to modify those things that you wish to change. The Avatar course opens a window to the inner workings of your own consciousness.

The course teaches world lessons (experiential) rather than word lessons (intellectual). For this reason it requires a trained Avatar Master to guide you into the actual lessons already contained in your own consciousness.

During the course, you will experience your own unique insights and revelations through these experiential exercises that enable you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. It’s you finding out about you.

By using the Avatar tools,

• you can be free of old restraints that make you unhappy,

• you can align your beliefs with the goals you want to accomplish,

• you can feel more secure about your ability to conduct your own life,

• you can experience a higher, wiser, more peaceful expression of your self,

• you can rise above the sorrows and struggles of the world and see them for what they really are.

Avatar works through belief management. You can use it’s tools to deliberately restructure the beliefs that form the pattern of your life.

Your own beliefs are actually the most powerful forces that influence your existence. They determine what you perceive and how you perceive it; they influence your thoughts, your expectations, and your actions. They shape your personality. They even effect the outcome of your actions and the way that others perceive you and respond to you.

Avatar helps you explore “behind the scenes” of your existence and discover the un-inspected, unconsciously-held beliefs that are causing your life to be as it is.

Rather than presenting you with another set of beliefs to live by, Avatar awakens you to a natural ability you already have to create and discreate beliefs. With this skill, you can restructure your life according to the blueprint that you determine.

One discovery many people on the Avatar Course make is that what you are believing is less important than the fact that you are believing it. Avatar empowers you to realize that there aren’t “good” beliefs and “bad” beliefs. There are only the beliefs that you wish to experience and the beliefs you prefer not to experience. You create an experience of yourself as the source, or creator, of your beliefs. From that place, it is very natural and easy to create the beliefs you prefer.


Inner Training

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing (RH) is a return to an optimal state of balance. It is the result of interacting with the fully comprehensive RH spectrum of frequencies that consists of energy, light and information.

Its first basic element is energy. Energy is everything we are made up of organically, our very essence as well as our actual physical body.

Light is the resonance and communication within these frequencies between the universe and us.

The information comes through the very interaction and entrainment with the energy and the light.

It’s tangible, measurable… you can actually feel it. We teach you how to discover, access and become aware of your relationship with these Reconnective Healing frequencies.
Reconnective Healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques as it allows us to let go of the concept and approach of technique itself. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms. It is something much, much more. In Reconnective Healing we do not diagnose or treat. We simply interact with the RH frequencies, bringing about healings that are often instantaneous and tend to be life long.
While science continues to explore how it works, Reconnective Healing has been confirmed and documented in more than a dozen international studies. When our energy bodies entrain with the RH frequencies, we emit and vibrate at a higher level of light. This has been shown to restructure our DNA, resulting in the emission of measurably higher, more coherent levels of bio-photonic light. Stanford Professor Emeritus Dr. William Tiller says that when information carried through the Reconnective Healing frequencies is introduced, it creates coherence and order. In other words, greater harmony and balance.


With Dr. Eric Pearl
in Holland

Inner Training

Personal sessions

Suzy has been practicing what she calls “Inner Training” since 1989.
Her psychological and spiritual quest has started as means to overcome her postnatal depression.
Her search for tools to reach inner peace has led her to study many various practices such as Kabalistic Psychology, TM, Dream Analysis, Voice Therapy, Reiki, GNM, Vipassana Meditation, Reconnective Healing, The Code, EFT, with many gifted teachers such as Byron Katie, Harry Palmer, Marc Gafni, Alan Cohen, Mabel Katz, Brandon Bays, Luke Chan, Eric Pearl.

What has started as a search for personal healing, has turned into a blessed profession. She enjoys creating a safe space for personal sessions during which she uses a combination of the wisdom she has accumulated over the years, through attending these various thought schools.

Since 95, she feels honored to teach many who are brave enough to allow her to help them help themselves on their path to awareness and self growth. She guides them to balance; the key to inner peace and they create the lives they prefer.

She has learnt from the best teachers in the world, each one THE expert in their field.

  • With John Gray and Warren Farrell
    March 2015
    Blanco, Texas

  • With Janet Attwood
    March 2012

  • With Gregg Braden
    September 2012

  • With Michael Beckwith
    March 2015

  • With Master Luke Chan
    November 2012
    Zhongshan, China

  • With Marc Gafni
    At Success Summit 3.0
    In Colorado

  • With Alan Cohen
    Fiji Islands

  • With Gregg Braden and
    Dr. Joe Dispenza
    The Consciousness Conference
    London, August 2015

  • Avatar Anna Breytenbach

    With Anna Breytenbach
    February 2017

  • With John of God Abadiania, Brazil

    With John of God
    July 2017
    Abadiania, Brazil
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard
    With Barbara Marx Hubbard
    February 2019
    in Miami
  • With Dr. Phil_
    With Dr. Phil
    In Los Angeles
    November 2018
  • With Marc Gafni
    With Marc Gafni
    At Summer Love Festival
    In Holland
    July 2019
  • With Gregg Braden 2
    With Gregg Braden
    In Israel
    March 2018
  • With Dr. Nader Butto
    With Dr. Nader Butto
    In Israel
    December 2019
  • With Marisa Peer
    October 2021
    In Ibiza, Spain


World music is the traditional music of ethnical groups who sing in their mother tongue, protecting their culture and past from being forgotten, while giving birth to something new and therefore unique.

During the last fifteen years or so, this genre of music has taken its place on the front stages, becoming first-grade national asset, gaining high popularity among the public thirsty for new, original and unique voices.

In fact, this is the primary basis of every man – his background, his culture. Therefore the name of the label – Primary Music.

Israel, the meeting point of over 70 different cultures, traditions and languages, some dating back to the beginning of humanity, is definitely a fertile source for World Music, rapidly developing here and filling the centre of the local stage of creation.

Effectively, it is the nearly impossible blend between the east and the west that brings to life interesting, innovative creations soaked in their roots. The end product of this “delicious cooking”, we call the Israeli society.

Primary Music’s goal is to make sure that Israel’s “delicious cooking” is tasted in the world through its many talented artists and their various voices heard.
The journey of one artist, Suzy, who has founded the label, has become the journey of many more who joined forces in order to create Israeli World Music projects that include preservation beside innovation.

Since 2003, Primary Music has been successfully representing these rich Israeli projects, by presenting them almost every year in world music fair Womex, in different European countries. Thus, the seed of the dream that was planted over a decade ago in the “Holy Land”, has become a tree with strong roots and its fruits keep on spreading as tunes throughout the rest of the world.

Visit Primary-Music website

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  • M_2
  • M_4

Dream Houses

I’ve always wanted to wake up in the morning to the sound of the waves and the special smell of the sea… I was lucky enough to make that dream come true in beautiful North Cyprus; I’m so grateful.

North Cyprus is one of the few least untouched places left in the Mediterranean, where between mountains and seas, the sun shines most of the year, the people are friendly and life is easy-going.

Having made my dream come true and seeing the real estate opportunities present in North Cyprus, I established a company there, in order to help others find their dream houses.


My name is Baruch Sharaby and I am the father of three amazing kids.
There are no words that can describe my experience with Suzy without sounding cliché. I guess one can’t go wrong with a true teacher so this is a part of my story with Suzy and Avatar.

They say that the teacher appears when the student is ready. In 2002 my life took a turn when my wife at the time asked for a divorce. I won’t add any fluff to the story or any attached tags; the bottom line for me was like hitting rock bottom and swimming in syrup (classic story I assume). A mutual friend insisted I call Suzy whom I had met shortly once before. 48 hours after that call to Suzy I was in Tel-Aviv, after a long flight from Houston, Texas.
Those were the most amazing, sad, emotional and magical 10 days I ever experienced. I remember the few days before I started the Avatar course I used to go up the stairs at my parents home  s t e p   by  s t e p, heavy steps. I remember the effect my heavy steps created on my parents and on myself; on the third day of my Avatar course with Suzy, I remember climbing up my parents steps not paying attention to my steps and I hear my mom calling ” welcome back, welcome back”. She said it was the first time since I arrived that I ran up the stairs and not drag myself up. Sounds simple but for me, that was the turning point. At the end of the course, I still needed to deal with all of the challenges; the difference was that now I had tools, and more important, I knew how to use them.
I started to believe in magic and by doing so I started to create them and I wouldn’t get to this point without the endless amount of patience, compassion and knowledge  Suzy shared with me. I’m proud and grateful to have her as a friend, this journey affected my kids lives too for better and that’s a lot to be thankful for.


I came to you in 2008 to do the AVATAR course, and was happy, curious and awaiting our meetings.
An amazing work and tools revealed a completely new way of seeing the world, my life and everything else ever since.
Thank you for your endless patience and firm belief in me. You didn’t allow my old stories disturb you while teaching me how to recreate an inner powerful new me. Sometimes you gave me a hard time, just to make sure I got the lesson so I can create my life the way I prefer it to be and much smoother than before.
Throughout your training, the precious tools that I learnt helped me go deep and high as much as I could go, and that in itself, I know now – is a huge gift.
I was lucky to walk this path with you as my master and feel your support even after the course ended. This means a lot to me!
Thank you Suzy!

With my love, Inbal Revach

I also got treated in Reconnective Healing energy by Suzy after suffering from heat waves all day long and at night too. It was some time after the session I realized that they were GONE. I didn’t suffer from those intense heat waves anymore. Amazing!
I recommend these sessions and believe Suzy is a clear Chanel for healing.

What’s my experience from the avatar course with Suzy?
If I am to define all I went through in one word, it would be renewal. A REAL renewal, the kind of renewal a tired traveler would feel on a hot summer day, when he is dealing with hunger, thirst and growing impatience, counting the steps, hoping of not losing the way. The traveler finds his last strength and is able to make it to a green, cool and cozy oasis. In this place he finds a spring of clear water inviting him in. He ducks, takes a sip, and then another one, and one more… He enters the water and feels a mighty stream that seems almost too strong to bear, but soon everything changes. The coolness of the water and the stream make their mark on the traveler. The sense of tiredness begins to fade, and he begins to gain strength. Finally, he is filled with positive energy, feeling happy and victorious. He becomes stronger than ever, and ready to continue his life’s voyage.

This is the kind of sense of renewal I have experienced, a sense of re-building, energy restoration, strength and security. Every lesson for me was a significant event, even dramatic at times. It added insights, questions, discoveries and sometimes even suspicions to my life. At the end of each lesson I felt stronger, happier, and more willing to continue the journey I’ve undertaken. The pleasant atmosphere along the way, the integrity, openness and empathy that are a part of Suzy’s nature, helped me a lot. I felt real friendship and deep understanding from her behalf.

With time, I stopped being afraid of making mistakes, I stopped being afraid of opening up. I knew there wouldn’t be a negative reaction or misunderstanding. Suzy is here to support me to understand and re-discover myself. The never-ending faith and support I got from Suzy guided me along the process of my studies, and are guiding me until this day. I have to admit, that in my life there almost weren’t any people that were willing to accept all my thoughts. And I mean ALL my thoughts. Without any judgement, just to accept, to try to understand and to help me deal with them. I think that I’ve got an extraordinary teacher, full of unconditional love.

During the class, a lot of things in my life changed, I have changed, my environment changed, and today I continue changing myself and my surroundings according to my will and the tools I’ve received. Sometimes it works great, sometimes not so much, but one thing is clear – I have full responsibility over my life and I have the opportunity to shape it with the knowledge I acquired from Suzy.

In conclusion, the teaching experience with Suzy, was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life.


Thanks you so much Suzy,

With Love,


This personal session was nothing like any other sessions I had experienced in the past.

I was at a certain crossroads in my life and during the session with Suzy, I realized that the point where I was at, wasn’t the “source” of my conflict. My conflict was due to me not being at my “source”.

At first, this sentence was not clear to me but thanks to Suzy’s navigational aids and detailed explanations, I began to work and
the results arrived quickly.

I passed from one extreme to the other; sentences that I thought were so simple seemed suddenly so complicated.
In the beginning, I felt like in a roller coaster and me at the steering wheel with no control whatsoever.
While moving through the session with Suzy’s amazing support full of empathy on one hand and professionalism on the other, I slowly began to take control of the roller coaster.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again Suzy!

My work with Suzy over the years has been an extremely powerful element in helping my life evolve towards growth, joy, aliveness and satisfaction. She has a unique gift for helping people to awaken to their inner wisdom. To work with Suzy is to step into a world of joy, depth, meaningfulness and reverence for life.
Suzy is by far the most effective,creative,gentle,intuitive and soulful therapist i have met. She knows so well which tool, out of her extensive toolbox, to use and when. Her amazing intuition never misleads her and by knowing when to be tough and when to be very gentle she led me to such important insights and breakthroughs. I asked myself what it is that makes her so much more effective than other therapists? It is that she so totally believes in her tools and also in the person she is working with. She literally knows what the person needs at what time, doesn’t let any resistances get in the way and is absolutely fearless. In short, it is the combination of a huge heart , lots of personal experience and such broad knowledge. Each session that I have had over the years with Suzy has always been a milestone on my path.
Thank you sis!!

My favorite quotations

“Nothing can stand in the way of our will power.”
Old Testament
“What would happen if we wouldn’t brush our teeth everyday? How would that feel? Well, we have invisible inner teeth as well. How about brushing them too?”
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Ghandi
“God likes to help people who go for their dreams.”
“Be who you appear to be, appear as who you really are.”
“We are here to balance ourselves and to enjoy the outcome.”

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